SWP144 10of10 Want to know how to beat your true rivalry?

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How you focus for peak performance

Focus on what you want, not where you are today. –Unknown–

Last episode we talked about being prepared or how to prepare for peak performance. What does it have to do with focus, our topic for this episode? Well, it is part of the groundwork to focus


  1. You can’t focus if you don’t have clarity on where you are and where you want to be
  2. If you can’t focus, you have scattered power
  3. Scattered power is way far from peak performance. WHY?
    1. Because peak performance happens when you’re 100% engaged in that one thing that you’re doing or pursuing

So How do I focus for peak performance?

  1. Be prepared. HOW? Listen to the previous episode for specific details
  2. Once you’re prepared, you have the various scenarios and how to manage them
  3. Believe what you prepared works
  4. Execute, without a doubt. With full faith
  5. If you don’t get the desired results, assess, correct and go back to step #1


The magic of focus in peak performance comes from mastering the process.  A magical peak performance equals a magical process. Here’s a baby exercise

  1. Once you’ve done the work from the previous episode ask yourself:
    1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how prepared do you feel?
      1. If not 9 or 1o, what needs to happen to make your faith in your preparedness at 10?
    2. What’s the process to follow, step by step and with time frames for every executed step?
    3. Take the first step and continue all the way through until you’re done with your process
    4. Assess, DO NOT JUDGE, your progress. How close or far are you from your desired result?
      1. If close to what makes you satisfied, then we may have a winner
      2. If not, what needs to be improved to get the expected results?
    5. Adjust the process by going back to the prep stage so you are ready for focused execution

TIP: focusing on anything outside of you and the moment will only delay your progress and kill your performance. Stay true to who you are. Trust what you have done and achieved so far. Believe you’re on track to get there and this part of the journey, because ultimate success is a journey, not a station


“Do Not expect, rather Accept that you’ll find the way to meet yourself at the next station of your journey to your promise land. When you get there wave so high so I can wave back” –Saber Fatnassi—