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Saber’s energy level and subject matter expertise is mind blowing. He mesmerized his audience and makes them commit to their own goals which is profound!!!

Raji Ramanan

Assistant Dean, GeorgeTown University. USA

I always knew that if I got my mental game under control everything would be alright. The problem was I didn’t know how to do it consistently. I was suspicious at first, but; It took only one week working with Saber to see the difference. Thanks to what I learned from him, I can access my zone of genius whenever I want, on and off the course.  It’s really something.

John Colehanne

PGA Golfer. USA

Saber’s vast experience with athletes and executives offers those of us not in those categories the opportunity to benefit from his deep knowledge of top performers. But Saber meets you where you are and works from there. He is exquisitely skilled, and is generously his clients’ greatest fan. Change is serious work. Saber makes it lovely and accessible and creates engagements that are not paint-by-numbers but tailored to you. He gave me his expertise, tools, and insight to get where I wanted to go

Jan Sugar

CEO, Sugar Ink. USA

It was quite beneficial to work with Saber. He helped me and my team look at performance from a different perspective. He showed me personally how my energy impact my players on and off the field. It was an eye opener. He helped my athletes focus more, be more confidence, be super aware of their environment during competitions and that brought tremendous results to the club. He has a very unique way of bringing average

Zack Mourabit

Football Coach. Belgium

I can’t say enough about Saber’s work. He showed me how to prepare for competitions, how to avoid injuries, how to play my best every single time, how to win when I thought I had no chance and even how to heal faster whenever I was injured or in pain. At first, I thought it was few tricks but now I know it’s a system. It has helped me a lot in my training, in my competitions and even in my personal life. It changed my game.

Evanov Schilovich

Olympian - Ukraine

I’ve worked with Saber before. And so for me to look at a more strategic way of doing things was very effective. And to look at the delivery of what I do was amazing. So I feel like I’m really equipped to go back and to engage with my clients in a whole different way. His delivery was mazing. He’s very succinct.  

Pamela Deneuve

CoFounder of P&L Consulting. USA

Outstanding and magical is how I rate Saber’s ability to help a diverse crowd to get into the right mindset to hear the message, be fully present in the moment to engage, and be self-aware of strengths and shortcomings to plan out what needs to be done to deliver the results.

Gary Alivich

Pro Footballer - Czech Republic

The feedback Saber provided was incredibly eye opening as to what is currently preventing me from achieving a sustained level of performance. In addition, Saber is such a personable, caring coach. You know that when you are working with him that he is an expert and that he truly cares about you. 

Paul McManus


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