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Your Resources

My Published Book

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Energy Assessment

This Energy Assessment Is:

o         A 15 min online assessment
o         With very short, simple and targeted questions
o         A very accurate tool to measure your energy under stress and out of stress
o         A simple yet efficient framework to measure your energy to any given task
o         A measurable approach to what ignites you to accomplish more and what extinguishes you and prevents from achieving your goals.

+  A complete and confidential report that measure your energy in average days of life and your energy under stress

+  A certified ELI-MP briefing you for 60 to 90 min privately about the findings of the report

+  A certified ICF coach who can build with you on the results of the debrief and determine the best next step for your peak performance.

+  A structure of how you function daily so you can intentionally choose what energy to operate on to achieve your results

+  Answers to WHY you do what you do in life, WHERE to begin to continuously perform high and HOW to proceed to achieve success systematically    

o   Used and praised by thousands of clients

o   Used successfully for personal, business and athletic clients

o   Has been tested, analyzed and approved to its high efficiency and accuracy by ZajOnc Corp

Dream Team

If you checked this box on the post card, YOU ARE IN and I’m honored to have you. As a dream team member you are a decision maker and an influencer. You shape what will become a transformational product. You get first access to all upcoming  books, seminar topics, speeches, workshops and programs. I take your feedback, suggestions and recommendations very seriously. I appreciate them and act upon them. YOU ARE MY TEAMMATE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION.  

News Letter

If you checked this box on the post card, you will receive my monthly news letter in your inbox. It wil include everything that happened at SaberWaves for the month. I appreciate your feedback, all of it, at any time. Thank you for being part of our peak performing community

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