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Who Are We?

Like YOU, everyday people, who are inspired by success, practice its principles, and  help others achieve it 

Our Mission

Make the path of success a simple and frequently traveled road to its seeker

What We Do ALL day EVERY day

We help athletes, sports coaches, sports teams, executives and organizations double their wins and meet their goals in a systematic and consistent manner.

How To Play Like Pele

Saber Fatnassi grew up inspired by iconic achievers in sports, business and leadership. He knew that in order to be successful, he would have to figure out what all these successful people had in common. Is it knowledge of certain secrets? Is it resources and upbringing? Or is it natural gift that only the selected few are blessed with? None of the answers for those questions made sense to him.

He grew to realize that while success stories seem similar at first, they are as different in their core as their owners… but two things stood out:

Successful people work smarter, not harder and successful people master the process to achieve consistent results.

Living The Pain & The Gain

Saber wouldn’t be where he is today if he hadn’t overcome poverty and lack of resources to excel academically and athletically. He was first published at the age of 11 in a children’s magazine. He started his first two businesses at the age of 17. He graduated with honors and became the deputy technical director of Intelcom at the age of 25 to leave it all behind, immigrate, and start all over with $7220.

He started a successful IT consulting business before he graduated from college to then shift his attention and lead high visibility programs for different government agencies. He has served on the board of experts of multiple leadership and peak performance programs and his contribution is still used to enrich their students with knowledge and experience in the field.

He’s lived in periods of lack and periods of abundance… and it’s through these experiences that he understands exactly how important consistency and excellence are when faced with chaos and uncertainty. That’s the experience that he brings to audiences all over the world teaching Peak Performance.

Peak Performance Expert

Now, Saber teaches athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs and corporations what peak performance is and how to achieve it on a regular basis. He shows them how to show up consistently, make big goals (and exceed them), and how to do it all without sacrificing weekends, time off, or family.

Saber’s expertise comes from more than his experience, though.

In addition to his Masters of Science from the Naval Postgraduate School, Saber is an ICF certified peak performance coach; a certified Master Practitioner in COR.E Performance DynamicTM, a NGH Certified Instructor (CI), an NLP Instructor, and a Jack Canfield certified trainer. He continuously works with the best and the brightest in peak performance and neuroplasticity. He’s the author of, Lessons From The Vault: 7 Practices To Create Reality and Live Your Destiny, and the host of SaberWaves Performance Show that has been followed by listeners in more than 35 countries.

Companies such as Kavi Consulting Services, Influential Therapist, More clients More Fun, Bennett Bay Consulting, Agility3, WOZ Marketing and Advisor Bridge, to name a few, have partnered with Saber to:

  • Turn uncertainty, being stuck and burned-out into clarity, focus and an executable blueprint that achieves consistent growth.
  • Transform the lack of energy, being unhealthy and lack of control into unshakable confidence that attains personal and organizational goals.
  • Replace Band-Aid solutions with lasting winning behavior that guarantees more freedom and bigger revenue without stress.

Our 5-A process



This is the core of the matter. Decipher the root cause of the burnout, uncertainty and frustration before anything else. If you don’t, you will always get a band-aid not a solution



This is way easier said than done. If you manage to accept why the root causes exist and accept the outcomes they caused, you will be at 70% of the process. This is powerful 



Analyse the possibilities, the options, and the outcomes of every single route that replace  burnout, uncertainty and frustration with clarity focus and unshakable confidence



Plan every single step of every single option that will lead you to replace  burnout, uncertainty and frustration with clarity focus and unshakable



This is the part that differentiates winners from every one else. Execute on the plan you created and reboot until you achieve mastery

Why choose us?

No doubt Saber rocked the call today! Took 3 pages of notes and was just reviewing them. Key take-away was reminder to list my top 3 priorities for a given day, narrow down to the top 1, and do that one first. Stay consistent.
Meredith Bell
Founder of Performance Support Systems
Working with Saber is transformational. A friend recommended his podcast. After 5 episodes I contacted him. Saber helped me with my anxiety and fear of failure in competitions. I felt stuck, almost paralyzed and sick in the stomach at times. Three weeks of working together I saw a major shift in my performance. A month later I got my first gold in a while.
Daniella Gronavich
Because of Saber, my energy and habits are much improved and the thought patterns that took me way off track are now manageable on a daily basis. He is a genius at spotting patterns that undermine, and working them through. I just pick up and get into the right direction within minutes. It's always a bonus when a coach is a total pleasure to work with and a really great guy. Saber is all of that.
Jan Sugar,
Founder of Jan Sugar LLC
Saber helped me in a time when I needed help the most. I spent too long in therapy after my surgery and the longer it took, the less confidence I had in my return to the pitch. After 2 months of working with Saber I was scoring again like I used too. My confidence sky rocketed and I felt unstoppable. He even taught me how to avoid injuries and get hyper focused before a game. His work is simple, fast and extremely efficient.
David Ziko
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