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“Saber asked me once: -If there was one thing, only one thing, to accomplish by the end of the year that would make me feel successful, what would that thing be?- That was one of the turning points in my transformation. It made me reevaluate my values and revamp my success strategy; and indeed, I started seeing results in the first week.” Paul McManus, CEO MCMF

“I knew that I was at a point in my life where I didn’t want to pass those opportunities any more. But I also know that if left to my own devices, things probably were not going to change because you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.” Deb Legge, PhD

Remember for Your Call

– My team will give you a call at the time that you requested.

– Be in a quiet space when taking the call.

– If you are located outside of the US, send us your Skype ID prior.

– Consultations are scheduled to give you insights on your situation and see if we are a good fit.

About SaberWaves

We help athletes and executives meet their goals, boost their revenue and build their legacy via a customized peak performance system within 60 days.  Our goal is to help you stop uncertainty, reduce burnout, regain control, exceed your income goals, increase the amount of joyful time, and accomplish more personally and organizationally.

What Our Clients Are Saying

It was magical. It was a perfect way to start a week of training where we put ourselves in a state of mind of being fully present and in touch with inner self. Saber is very confident, and he has this sense of serenity that it’s very calming, yet, he takes you through different steps to reach where you want to go. You just feel like you trust him and trust his leadership. You trust his skills and you also trust what he’s going to take you through. It’s an amazing journey of self-reflection and self-discovery. 

Maya Hu-chan, Founder of Global Leadership Associates

Outstanding and magical is how I rate Saber’s ability to help a diverse crowd to get into the right mindset to hear the message, be fully present in the moment to engage, and be self-aware of strengths and shortcomings to plan out what needs to be done to deliver the results. Saber is confident and has a sense of tranquility when he speaks, yet, he is powerful in his ability to take you through the processes that are necessary, free of judgment. He invokes a sense of trust that allows the audience to follow his lead. He creates an amazing journey of self-reflection, discovery, and empowerment to create the reality that you envision. I highly recommend you experience Saber’s talent for yourself. You will be thankful you did.

Shohreh R Aftahi, CEO & Founder ThriveVance

Saber’s energy level and subject matter expertise is mind blowing. He mesmerized his audience and makes them commit to their own goals which is profound!!!

Raji Raman – Assistant Dean, GeorgeTown University


I hired Saber to do the ELI assessment with me. The feedback Saber provided as a result of the assessment was incredibly eye opening as to what is currently preventing me from achieving a sustained level of performance. In addition, Saber is such a personable, caring coach. You know that when you are working with him that he is an expert and that he truly cares about you. 

Paul McManus, CEO of MCMF

Many of us entrepreneurs are doing pretty well in terms of knowing “what to do” in order to be successful. Yet, we don’t always execute because we lack the energy, motivation, or sustenance to keep us performing at our peak. Saber has a way of weaving into your depths of excuses, habits, behaviors, mindsets, and excess junk in your world to manifest your best self. He does it in a way that naturally fits with your flow, to create your desired reality and lean forward into your destiny that is truly uplifting, soul-charging, game-changing, and simply beautiful according to your definition of success. I’ve landed upon subtle but huge shifts, carving out the right spaces and times that were optimal for me for both work and play – ultimately recharge well, resulting in a 5-10x more productivity and absolutely more of my best self, week after week…

JoAnne Heinein, Cofounder of MCMF

If you’re looking for a truth-telling coach whose questions, observations and insights will change the way you view yourself and the world, you’ll want to work with Saber Fatnassi. I signed up with Saber when I wanted to learn more about how to get out of my own way. He’s the kind of person who gently but persistently inquired about statements I made about myself and my situation, so I gained a deeper understanding of what drives me and affects my energy levels. I gained clarity about the thoughts and actions that impact my performance. Saber exudes genuine caring and concern about my well-being, and I’ve seen him consistently exhibit this attitude with other clients. As a result, I felt safe about being open and vulnerable with him. If you’re eager to take your performance to the next level, I highly recommend that you work with Saber. He is a remarkable human being and coach.

Meredith Bell, Cofounder of Peak Performance Systems