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is motivational, inspirational and a professional problem solver who

delivers tangible results

Have you ever hired or heard a speaker where you got super motivated, fired up and ready to conquer the world only to find yourself, few days later, in the same spot of your life ... nothing changed. And if this happened to you more than once you've probably wondered, "How do I transition the advice into concrete results?"

Inspiring and motivating are keys to getting superb results, but not effective if they're not married with concrete, proven, simple, clear and executable action plan. So ... wouldn't it be nice to have a speaker who solves problems by profession and happens to be an inspirational speaker?

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What they say about saber

Beyond Exceptional. The part that I found to be extremely useful is the subject of event and response versus reaction. Definitely a 10

Joe Elias.

Tech Exec, ORACLE

The way he would response to any questions he got, or someone is struggling with something he's doing ... in an amazingly serene manner

Dr. Frank Wagner

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder

"It was magical ... It was an amazing journey of self-reflection and self-discovery

Maya Hu-chan.

CEO Leadership Alliances

… Some of the things that Saber shared kind of hit me both cognitively and in my heart about how to connect effectively with my self so i can connect with other more effectively


Co Founder P&L

... I found this to be way more accessible and beneficial than Ted Talks 

Tina Galati.

Government Executive

… I didn't expect a speak of Saber's quality in this VIP invent ... I'll be back 

Mark Larivee.


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Saber’s system to growing consistently and predictably contains strategies for turning uncertainty into actionable and executable steps that guarantee growth and results.

The most successful businesses are run by people who learn how to work smarter instead of harder.growth and results. And when your audience learns the keys to working the proven system to growth, they’ll increase their wins in less time than ever before.

In business, your audience has to learn how to consistently achieve excellent performance if they want to get ahead.growth and results.

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