SWP149_Powerful Patterns_What’s Your Success pattern_1of2

1. What’s your success pattern –> what’s you system of success or the system that leads you to success?
a. We’re talking about continuous success not a fluke.
b. We’re talking about knowing where and how to begin, and what to do at every instance to reach your goals.
2. Do you have one? If not, why not?
a. You see, anyone who ever excelled at anything has a system to reproduce their results.
b. If you’re not where you want to be, this may be the place to start to get to where you want to be.
3. Your success pattern or system of success is a derivative of your habits, the things that you do all day, every day. Habits of yours that have proven to deliver your desired results no matter what the circumstances are. Bullet proof habits.
4. I invite you to take a moment, reflect on the following questions and answer them, in writing to maximize your benefit. Here are the questions:
a. What’s you success pattern?
b. How was it created?
c. How helpful has it been to you?
d. When did it ever fail you and why?
e. How are you improving it?
If this opens your appetite for more, I’m here for you. Click on the link for the long version of this episode. Have fun.
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until I talk to you next please remember, to seize the moment, perform your best and Live consciously.